Words Matter

Having conversations is important to communicate the gospel. We converse with words to those who are unbelievers the glory of being a believer, the wonderful works of grace and the forgiveness in Christ. Words are very important in our daily lives. They mean something, whether we realize it or not. The fact that words convey a very important message to what we want to communicate. When someone of great importance speaks, we listen. Why? Because their words mean something.

When we speak, we speak with words to convey meaning. We often don’t chose our words carefully but when we want to convey a message of importance we should attempt to do so. Different words are to be used for conveying a different message for certain situations. Therefore, words are important. The most important words we hear are the words of God. His word which He gave to us.

Words in our English Bible should mean something too. I don’t think you have to have a degree in English to read your Bible or understand it but I like words and when I study the Bible I always try to find the subject, verb and so forth to see the context. I love it. You may not be as excited about diagramming the verses in the Bible but I find it fascinating to study God’s word in this way. Yes, I just read the Bible a lot without trying this method. However, as I prepare to preach, I want to make sure I have God’s word properly in context to share with those who I have the privilege of preaching to. Get excited about the words of God.