I know, everybody has a blog, a twitter, a facebook or some kind of social media. So why this? Why now? What is the purpose? Well, that is what the “about us” page is about. Don’t you read them all the time at all the websites that you go to? I know, I know. But it is imperative that we have a purpose for our ministry. Yes, that is what Kountry Exposition is, it is a ministry. We have goals and visions just like every other minister out there. However, I believe that now is a time in our world where we need men who can do a proper exegesis of the Scriptures. Nobody is perfect, I know, but we are living in a time, where for the most part, the country (rural) churches have practically no pastors or preachers who can do expositional preaching at any given time. The problem? Your own ideas enter the text. This problem is cancerous in rural churches and it is bred from one church to another as churches throw men out into the ministry with no discipleship.

The reason I understand this is because I preached for years without any training, help or the guidance of any mentor. I was thrown out into the pastorate with no training, no help, no idea and I was way too young. I preached so many bad sermons but most of the people said amen to them so I just kept preaching. I didn’t understand Bible study or exposition, I just preached. Did God use that? I suppose, but He also made a donkey talk, and well, I now see I was just a donkey.

You want to know why tradition trumps doctrine in most churches? Because the congregation has not been taught doctrine. You won’t get any doctrine from topical preaching (all the time that is) and I am not against topical preaching as long as you exegete it properly. We are not after boring, manuscript reading preaching but proper, God honoring preaching of the text. This is important and every pastor should desire to do this. The benefits are tremendous. The church has failed to disciple young men as preachers and teachers. Our purpose is to conduct training sessions, conferences and short classes on preaching. We want to invest in men who desire to preach and teach God’s word. Our focus is primarily the rural, small, bi-vocational men who have not or cannot go to seminary. We are not excluding large, city type ministers and preachers but the problem does seem to exist in these areas I have mentioned.

There you have our purpose. We have a goal, a desire, a hope to see God use men in the ministry, to uphold the Holy Word of God in high view and proclaim His truth through the text.