Book Recomendations

This list is growing constantly. Books are a good resource to have for a biblical library. I know many of you, including myself, have IPad’s, Kindle’s, IPhone’s and so forth that you can read electronically, but I still love to have a physical copy of a book. Obviously, you can’t take hundereds of books with you as you travel but having a personal library is a joy. I will try to group them by subject i.e. “preaching”, “marriage”, “hermeneutics.”


Preaching with Bold Assurance by Dr. Herschael York

A Basic Guide to Interpreting the Bible by Robert H. Stein

Complete Expository Dictionary of New and Old Testament Words by Dr. Bill Mounce



Bible History of the Old Testament – a classic reference to help you understand and apply the history of the Old Testament – by Alfred Edersheim